About Us

Who we are?

Our team has deep domain expertise from careers as entrepreneurs, financiers, scientific collaborators,  board certified experienced senior embryologists, infertility specialists, laboratory staff, industry and commerce people, insurance experts, clinicians and scientists which have apposite education and profound skills in the infertility diagnostics and patient care.

Our mission & Goals

We happily offer our skills, knowledge and expertise to your benefit to ensure your future strategy will approach the excellence. We offer a wide range of project service according to your needs. You can also contact us to enquire about the possibilty of franchising our brand for your existing fertility clinic or establishing your new center under our brand.

  • New laboratory design & set up
  • Improving your existing laboratory performance
  • Standardizing your laboratory according to international standards and regulations
  • Quality control

  • Hands on training of your staff members
  • Technology transfer and introducing new tools
  • Equipment selection/suggestion and installation
  • Problem solving and result improvement

  • Project marketing,  feasibility studies and introducing managerial tools
  • Franchising and branding

  • Scientific and clinical advice on special patient cases
  • Treatment of rare cases

Customized Engineered Micropipettes

Various types of micropipettes are designed to be used in IVF clinics.

We are also offering customized micropipettes manufacturing service based on your need and demand in any diameter, angel and length of affordable prices.


  • ICSI Needle
  • Holding Pipette
  • Blastomer Biopsy 
  • Polar-body Biopsy
  • PZD
  • Assisted Hatching

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